"The miracle which is Yakov Yavno is in that he unites and solidly combines things from a disparate, diverse, yet harmoniously interconnected world. And he does it “just like that!”
Yavno blossoms on stage when he senses that he has been able to convey his joy to others. Any country in the world would be proud of such a master of one-man theater; be proud of a Citizen of the World, such as Yakov Yavno."

Professor of Art Studies, New York



"A masterful performer, with extraordinary vocal powers, Yakov Yavno fuses the rich history of his traditions into a contemporary expression and affects the hearts of all peoples - regardless of creed, color or religion".

La Republica, Rome


"Yakov Yavno carries with him such a spirit and temperament, that he captures the hearts of all those gathered..."

Moscow News


"His flesh and blood contains folkloric traditions, and yet, no one need fell excluded."

The Jerusalem Post


"Yakov Yavno is the show's star, and he is quite unabashedly wonderful."

Los Angeles Herald